Punto Banco

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Punto Banco by iSoftBet is the digital version of this popular card game. It follows the classic rules and very easy to play; even if you don’t know how to play Punto Banco, you can start betting like a pro in mere minutes. There is no graphical quality to speak of, because all we have is a static image of a Punto Banco table. But it looks realistic and easy to follow, so that’s not a problem. For a card game, it has a satisfying look and a practical interface.

How to Play Punto Banco by iSoftBet

You need to make your bet before starting the round. To do that, simply start by setting your wager. To the bottom left, there are four poker chips with different values (0.10 – 10.00). Click on the chip you want to wager and then click on the section of the table you want to bet. As you can see, there are three sections: Player, Bank, and Tie. You can even bet on the bank as a player and against yourself. Betting on a tie is also possible and pays the maximum prize.

After that, just click on the “play” button. The game will deal the cards in an instant and your cards are to the left side of the screen. Bank cards are at the right. The goal is to reach a hand total of 9, and the picture cards (also, 10s) have no value. Aces count as 1. You can see the total of your hand at the upper side of the screen. If you get 9 or a higher count than the bank, you win the round. You always get two cards but according to the rules, the bank sometimes forced to get three cards. After the round, you have three options: clicking on the “rebet & deal” button will start a new round with the same bet amount and section. Clicking on the “last bet” will start a new round with the same bet amount but allows you to bet to another section. Lastly, “new game” button will start a fresh round with all options reset.

Play Punto Banco Online

Punto Banco by iSoftBet can also be used to learn the game or to make some practice. You have 1.000 complimentary coins in the demo mode, so if you play smart, you can get hours of entertainment for free. We highly recommend Punto Banco by iSoftBet to anyone interested in card games. Play at Casino Avenue to find others!

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