SideBet Blackjack

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Sidebet Blackjack by Amaya Gaming is an interesting one, it combines classic blackjack games with a lot of side bets. The interface looks like a blackjack table, but it is confusing at first look: there are lots of little circles near the betting boxes. Each one of these circles represents a side bet, which we will explain below. Other than these side bets, Sidebet Blackjack follows the standard rules of the game and asks you to build a hand total of 21 or a total higher than the dealer. You can still hit (ask for more), stand (no more cards) and split – these rules still apply.

Lots of Side Bets

The bet levels of the game change between 1 and 500 coins, but the maximum bet amount is 100 coins in the demo mode. (500 coins are only for the real money version.) If you click on any of the side bet circles, you also make that bet for the round. These side bets are:

Mega Match: Pays 5.000 to 1. If your first two cards are a suited Ling and a Queen, you get 50 to 1. If the dealer also has a Mega Match, the payout becomes 5.000 to 1. Based on pure luck.

Blackjack Attack: Every blackjack you dealt will pay 18 to 1.

Cash Queens:
A hand total of suited 20 pays 5 to 1. If you have a pair of Queens, the payout becomes 50 to 1. A pair of Queens with the dealer blackjack pays 500 to 1.

Crazy Sevens: If your first card is a 7, the payout is 5 to 1. Suited 7s pay a lot more: 2.000 to 1. The more 7s, the more you get paid.

Pair Play: If your first two cards are a pair, you win 12 to 1. Any pair is accepted.

An Enjoyable Experience

These side bets add an extra element to the game and makes it more interesting. They are completely random and based on pure luck, but we recommend trying out the Pair Play and Blackjack Attack side bets at least. Sidebet Blackjack may be a classic blackjack game, but it is more entertaining than other titles in this category. Highly recommended, especially if you like high-stake card games. Play at Casino Avenue to find more interesting blackjack games!

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