French offers the list of the most popular online casinos available in the French language (the original name is "le fran├žais"). It is the second-most widespread one in the world because 29 countries use it as the official language. Among them there are France, Belgium, Switzerland, Monaco, Canada and the USA. Also many former African France colonies operate in French as the official language.

The total number of the native speakers of this language in Europe is 77 million. As for the whole world, here French is supported by 140 million speakers. According to non-official information, the real number of people who speak and understand the language with the codes "fr" or "fre" is about 300 million. So, it is not surprising that French online casinos are among the leaders in their popularity, and their visiting constantly increase.

French is the official language of many international organizations, such as the European Union, NATO, the United Nations, the WTO and the International Olympic Committee. So, having chosen French casino from our list, you get the great chance to unite the pleasant entertainment while playing the best online slots and the useful practice in one of the worldwide languages. The team wishes you good luck in both ways.