243 Ways to Win

Every free casino slots game have them. Whether you are playing slots for fun or for real money, you need them. The companies even advertise the amount of them! But what are these pay lines, really? More important, size really matters when it comes to lines?

Let’s start explaining with a simple pattern. Think about your average free slots no download casino slot game. There are five reels with five slots, right? Now, draw an imaginary straight line from one side to other. The line passed through five slots before it reached the other end. Congratulations, you just imagined your first pay line! To win in a slots game, you need to land at least three same symbols on this line – that is why it’s called a pay line. More pay lines mean more odds to win – the symbols will find more places to combine. Now keep drawing those lines, until you can’t draw a straight line. You can use vertical and cross lines too and usually reach 25 pay lines in total, but what if you want more lines?

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Simply put, you start to use a zig-zag pattern for creating more pay lines. Mathematically, you can reach to a total of 243 pay lines if you use every slot and every combination possible. Most of these lines look weird: they jump two slots high, then goes way below, becomes horizontal and starts to “jump” around again… They look like an ECG graph! The thing is, when it comes to the amount of pay lines, “the more the better” is the only thing you need to know and 243 ways mean the highest possibility of winning in a slot game. Basically, “243 ways to win” means there are 243 pay lines in a slot game.

The only downside of “243 ways to win” games are the cost of each spin. As you know, you need to bet a certain amount before turning the reels. This amount applies for each line in the game – if the minimum bet is 1 coin and you are playing a game with 5 five pay lines, this means you need 5 coins for each spin. For this reason, when you are playing a “243 ways to win” game, the minimum bet amount becomes significantly higher. The price of playing a high-odds game is not cheap, but it is worth it: almost all of your spins result with a winning.

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