You want to go on a journey across your home country, another continent or all around the world but you cannot afford it? Adventure slots not only take you on an unforgettable journey all over the world but they can also reward you with enough cash to go on a real one!

Start by trying out the games for free, using the fun version available for almost every single adventure oriented slot. After that, you can switch to the real money version without even investing money by claiming no deposit bonuses, after which you may use the other ones that require the initial investment.

This is the list of the best-rated Adventure slot machines according to the world-wide online gambling community, which received the least amount of negative feedback over the years:

  • Lost
  • Black Widow
  • Capt. Quid’s Treasure Quest
  • Relic Raiders
  • Treasure Chamber
  • Prince Of Sherwood
  • Jungle 7s

Adventure is a very wide game category as it can portray gold searches, vacations, mountaineering, any sort of traveling, etc. However, in 21st century adventures may happen online as well by virtually going through real scenarios, which is the exact idea of all the adventure related slot machines.

Intriguing Designs

Because adventure is a very wide concept, the developers have millions of ideas on their minds, making the job both hard and easy at the same time. However, this paradox allows them to experiment with the looks as much as they want, making up unique and interesting scenarios or portraying a movie, book or video game.

It is not a surprise to see the dominance of positive over negative comments because of the companies standing behind these games. If you are not familiar with companies such as Playtech, NetEnt, IGT, RTG or Microgaming then you are either a beginner or you have not been paying attention at all throughout your gambling career because these are the most popular ones in the industry.

We are already in the second decade of 21st century, and the technology has never been so advanced. Who would have thought that one day we could take a wireless device out of our pockets and play free Adventure slots? All of the games related to this game are mobile-friendly, and support both new and old software. Any performance issues can be resolved by simply reducing the graphics quality (most of the 3D slots have the option).

Advanced Reels

Because adventures are all about mystery and exploring, it is obvious why companies decide to go with unique, futuristic and intriguing field formations. The basic one includes five reels, three rows and payline system, with fifteen reels in total. However, Adventure slots online can rarely be played with that structure.

Diamond and criss-cross shaped layouts appeared in several adventure related machines, and even though they usually go with a significantly lower RTP, a lot of people gave positive feedback and liked the idea. The idea, however, did not reach the entire world and mostly players from the United Kingdom loved it.

Each new game presents even a better product than the previous one by a particular company which is a pretty hard thing to do, and the users enjoying the product show their appreciation by providing positive feedback and suggestions back to the ones that made it. Always consider leaving a comment on the provider or casino website you are using, because the feedback is what future releases are going to be based on.

Get More By Claiming Bonuses

Whether you play Adventure slots in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, Russia, China, South America or any other place in the world, make sure to check out the bonuses your casino is offering. Moreover, check that out before even choosing the casino you plan spending your time and resources on.

There are dozens of different bonuses, but the most common ones are:

  • No deposit
  • Matching
  • Cash-back
  • High-roller
  • First Deposit
  • Reload

The easiest and most valuable one to claim is the no deposit bonus, which allows anyone who signs-up to gamble for real money without even investing any of their own. The first deposit bonus is the most generous one in most casinos, followed by the 2nd and the 3rd one. You can often see high percentages and decent limits on these ones. If you, however want to deposit more than the limit allows, matching and high-rolling additions are the way to go, as even though the percentage is a little bit lower, the upper limits can be insanely high, awarding thousands of dollars for free.

Start Your Journey Today

It costs no money and requires only a device (PC, laptop, mobile phone, tablet, etc.) and internet connection to enjoy free online Adventure slots. If you download the application and launch the offline mode then the device is the only thing you need after downloading it.

Do not miss this unique opportunity to get starting money for free by claiming the no deposit bonus and earn for a real-life adventure by simply spinning the reels! Besides regular spinning, a lot of money can be obtained by participating in the jackpot. There are two different types of jackpots:

  • Regular
  • Special

The regular one is tied to the main game and everyone who plays it can win at the end of any roll. The winners are selected randomly and the amount invested in that round does not matter. The value of this jackpot could be both static and dynamic. The dynamic one increases with more people playing and spending money on the machine, as a small percentage of each spin is going towards the prize pool.

The special jackpot requires players to spend more coins on the side and has multiple structures. It could be similar to the bingo or keno, but it definitely brings even more value and fun to the already interesting game.

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