The culture of Asia is so diverse and rich that it provides unlimited inspiration to the software development companies. That is why Asian slots are one of the most popular ones in the industry.

The Orient countries, starting from East Asia and all the way to Japan exist for a very long time and have a very long and inspirational history that the firms can never run out of ideas. Just when you thought that there are no more options, after more than two decades of their production, they come up with another one that is unique and even more entertaining than the previous ones.

Even though they are all high-quality games, there are some that stand out from the crowd such as:

  • Red Mansions
  • Jewel Of The Arts
  • Dangerous Beauty
  • Thunderfist
  • Geisha Wonders
  • Treasure Palace

Companies like Microgaming, NetEnt, Konami, 888, Playtech and many more have made Asian slots. Samurai, warriors, geishas, swords and ancient buildings are used as the icons. You can often see the simple design, allowing all devices to run the games smoothly, without any performance issues, while still providing the outstanding experience for those who have newer devices with bigger screens and higher resolutions.

The Best Combination

It is a well-known fact that China, Japan and some other Asian countries are the world leaders in the technology field, and along with their culture and history, they are making some of the best Asian slot machines. To prove that, Konami, which is one of the oldest and most successful companies in Asia in the game and software development industry, entered the online gaming field in early 2000’s.

A lot of people were skeptical about that, as they had no previous records of making online games, but they did an outstanding job, presenting their culture in the best way possible with games such as:

  • China Mystery
  • China Shores
  • Destiny of Athena
  • Golden Wolves
  • Lotus Land

The design is always at the top when it comes to Asian slots, as companies instruct their developers and designers to devote much more time to the looks than usual. Whenever you stumble upon a positive comment, there will be kind words about the graphics. Even those who dislike the machine for some reason need to say a few good things about it, as the whole community appreciates the effort they put in making such games.

Paylines & Ways To Win

Asian slots online are known for having a unique structure and new implementations such as 4k and 2k ways to win. Casinos with the micro search filter have the option of finding the game you are looking for in no time, as there are dozens of elements you can filter out such as:

  • Bet limits
  • The number of reels
  • Themes
  • Paylines
  • The number of ways to win

Of course, there are the ones with the standard 5×3 formation machines, but the ones that most gamblers look for are those with:

  • 6 or more reels
  • 4 or more rows
  • 2048 & 4096 ways to win
  • Multiple Jackpots

Those changes can affect the RTP (Theoretical Return to Player) in both negative and positive ways. 4k Ways to win for example lowers the RTP and makes the machine become low volatility because of how easy it is for symbols to match, awarding the players in almost every single spin but with lower amounts. It is not rare to see half of the wins being lower than the stake. If you are looking for the high volatility Asian slots, then definitely look for those with 20 or fewer paylines.

Loyalty Bonuses & Promotions

The Japanese business model is very popular, because it promotes loyalty and keeping all the workers for their whole life, awarding them a lot for each decade they spend in the company. That is exactly what Asian casinos do, rewarding all of their customers more and more as they stay and keep playing by offering the loyalty bonus.

However, do not get scared if you are from the United Kingdom, USA, Australia or any other country, as free online Asian slots are available all around the world. Make sure to find those that are licensed by either MGA or the UK Gambling Commission (or any other respected licensing agency) as those are the only reliable ones. Those who play Asian slots in the UK are granted the access to all the games, as the biggest companies are headquartered in their country.

Gambling is all about having fun and possibly making money, but getting free cash is what every gambler looks for. The best way of doing that is by claiming the no deposit bonus, which allows anyone to play the Asian slot machines with real money without investing any. Besides that, there are the other bonuses such as the first deposit bonus or the high-roller one, which provides huge amounts of free cash to those with the deeper pocket.

Stress-Free Gambling

As we all know, the Chinese and Japanese culture promote peace and clearness of the mind. Relief all the stress by listening to the relaxing background music every free online Asian slot has. The gamblers from all around the world confirmed that they are much more relaxed while playing Asian machines compared to the ones with lights hows, tense music and crazy looking features.

The one coin Jackpot is very popular in these machines, as it allows everyone to participate in the Jackpot giveaway on the side, separate from the main game. Betting one coin allows gamblers to choose 6 out of 49 numbers before the spin starts. After the reels have stopped, six random numbers will be drawn, and each one that was pre-selected by the player will award some amount, with 1% of the pool for five matching, and the entire Jackpot for all six matching numbers.

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