The gaming community in the United Kingdom and other parts of the World is growing every day, with new and interesting games coming up constantly. Gaming houses are doing their best to always be one step ahead to attract new players with fresh and innovating ideas. Themed pokies are some of the most played casino machines among bettors because they offer the experience of adrenalin rush with every spin they made.

When picking a game, a player can decide between numerous types of slot machines with a different reel number, pool prizes, stakes, and lots of interesting features. If a gambler is interested in some themed slot machines and wants to have fun while doing it, jungle slots could be the right pick.

How to Find Jungle Slots?

Finding Jungle themed online casino machines is easy. When searching for a favorite game of this type bettors should look for some of the distinctive characteristics like:

  • Jungle background. This theme is very attractive to bettors who like to spin adventure slots.
  • Lots of wild symbols and jungle features.
  • Wild icons in a shape of animals and unique creatures.
  • Animal sounds and lots of nature symbols.

Jungle slot machines cannot be missed. Bettors can play free jungle slots in almost every online casino in just a few seconds. They can be played in two versions. One is only for fun and can be tested by any player. The second mode is for more serious bettors who want to place real cash stakes. This version can be only tried if gamblers are over 18 years old and in countries where this type of betting is legal. Players can play jungle slots online in two ways:

  • Jungle online pokies can be tried directly via any available internet browser like the Mozilla, Opera, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.
  • The other way is to download it directly to the desired device (mobiles, tablets or PC). Downloading a jungle themed game can be done in most of the online stores (App Store for example).

Start a Jungle Adventure

When a gambler wants to try a jungle play in the UK, he/she should first prepare the playing table and adjust some basic game configurations. Most of these games possess a volume button for increasing or decreasing the sound. Sometimes wild jungle creatures can be a little annoying, so players can mute the sound totally and spin the wheel without any distractions. Depending on player’s mood, the wheel can be spun in two ways. If a gambler wants to be the total focus and pick his/her moves carefully, then the wheel should be set to manual.

For more relaxed and fluid spinning there is an auto spin possibility (not all slots has this option). Players just need to adjust the number of consecutive spins and enjoy in gambling. Before spinning the wheel of luck in a jungle themed slot machine, a player should always check all the game rules, terms, and conditions. It is very important to be familiar with all special symbol values bonuses and features. There are no actual best ways of playing.

Every gambler has some kind of made up strategy which can be shifted according to a game. But there are some basic guidelines that can be very helpful when playing a jungle slot machine:

  • Pay close attention when picking a jungle slot. Some slots have a fixed number of lines, and this can limit a player. But on the other side, having a maximum number of active lines means that this way the highest number of scoring combinations can be gained.
  • Jungle slot machines often offer lots of bonus levels. They can be puzzle solving, picking and revealing different jungle areas, climbing ropes and other. These levels are something that should not be missed because they can bring big money boosts. Special bonus levels can be activated when a gambler gathers 3 or more bonus icons (check the “Paytable” for rules and terms).
  • Check for the RTP of your jungle slot. The higher it is, the more chances of winning a gambler will get. Fortune is a big part of all slot games, but players can gain a small advantage with the right slot selection. Pokies with a higher return to a player percentage have slightly smaller prize pools, and on the other side, slots with lower winning chances offer huge jackpot rewards.

Some of the most played free online jungle games are Mega Moolah, Amazon Queen, Gonzo’s Quest, King Kong, Jungle Wild, Jungle Rumble and many others.

Improve the Odds of Success

When playing online jungle casino slot machines chances of winning can be improved with simple adjustments and betting strategy. If bettors want to win the highest prizes, stakes should be set to the maximum. When spinning the wheel a goal is to gather strongest symbols (5 wild icons in most games).

The best way of increasing the odds is to spin the wheel more. The easiest thing is to trigger the free round bonus if available. Collect 3 or more scatter jungle signs and play a few turns without any investments. Free rounds are something that every player wants to get when playing a jungle slot game because chances of winning can be increased dramatically this way. The more turns are spun, the more win combos can be created for free.

A jackpot reward can emerge at every moment so be sure to play as much as possible. When these extra turns are triggered, a gambler will often play them with some sort of extra bonus. In most cases, this bonus is a multiplier that will last until free rounds are over. This is a good chance to increase the total credit amount and expand betting time maximally.

Jungle Prizes

Slots like the Mega Moolah offer one of the biggest jackpots so there are plenty of reason why bettors should try jungle pokies. No matter if a gambler is playing for the real money or in a free mode, this type of slot will allow a player to fully enjoy betting. Find an online jungle pokie at the favorite gambling platforms and try to win some of the highest wild prizes.

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