Marvel is a company that exists for over 75 years now, and which created some of the most popular superheroes we know today such as Iron Man, Spider-Man, Hulk, Captain America, Hulk and made comics, movies and animations with their characters.

You can only imagine how much ideas and inspiration software development companies got from Marvel creations. That is why Marvel slots are the most popular ones amongst the gamblers from all around the world. The unique design, great looking graphics, entertaining features and fun symbols which connect easily, increasing the RTP are everything players could ever ask for.

These are the best-rated Marvel slot machine titles so far:

  • The Fantastic Four
  • The Incredible Hulk
  • Ghost Rider
  • X-Men
  • Blade
  • Daredevil
  • Iron Man 2

They do not only come out as individual releases, as they are often made in series, in continuity one after another. Playtech is the company that devoted most of their time to making Marvel based slots over the past 20 or so years. It can easily be said that a lot of their success and popularity came from these machines.

Superhero Reels

As Marvel is all about the superheroes and their superpowers, it is expected to see special reels, more than 3 rows and different symbol-combining tools. That is exactly what companies delivered in each machine, implementing stuff like:

  • Expanding Reels
  • Sticky Symbols
  • Cinematic Features

The best part about the free online Marvel slots are the features. A great example of that is the fight between The Green Goblin and Spider-Man whenever three or more bonus icons appear at any position on the reels. By predicting which side the goblin is going to attack from, you can win instant cash prizes.

The features usually portray the fight between the main characters and villains they are struggling against in the movies and comics as well.

As players need to get used to all the features and new elements of the game, the companies that make them use the ways to win system, with 1024 being the most common one, in order to simplify the gambling process. The only thing left for gamblers to adjust before the spins start is the total stake, which is the only adjustable parameter. Feature previews can sometimes be seen as well.

However, if there is no preview, then the free version and demo credits are your best friend, allowing you to play for as long as you like, learning everything about the game without spending money.

The Design Variations

There are two groups of Marvel games:

  • Those with the comic-like design
  • Ones that are modern and based on recent movies, with futuristic and 3D graphics

As there is a massive comics fan-base, the companies find a perfect way of providing everyone the full Marvel gameplay experience and allowing those with older devices to enjoy Marvel games. 3D animations and features might load slower and with low FPS counts on older computers or mobile phones, but the comic ones have no such issues.

However, free Marvel slots with 3D graphics often have the video-quality slider, which allows users to adjust the quality of the graphics, and while reducing it to the lowest value might make the game look worse, it will run smoothly because of lower requirements.

Smartphone users with older software claim not to see a huge difference when lowering the quality, because the screens and resolution are smaller anyways. On the other hand, the newest Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry phones provide once in a gambling-lifetime experience with the 3D effects.

Playing Marvel Slots For Real Money

Most of the companies making these machines are headquartered in London and all around the UK, allowing everyone from the United Kingdom to be the first ones to see the new releases. However, besides playing in the UK, other people from all around the world have the chance to try the games out because of the casinos licensed by the UK Gambling Commission are available on six continents!

The best way to start playing these machines is to either try them out in the fun version or to claim the no deposit bonus. The no deposit bonus gives each new unique user a small amount of free cash to gamble with. There is a possibility of withdrawing the money, but only after the withdraw requirements are fulfilled. Each casino has its own terms & conditions, so make sure to read them all before claiming any bonus.

There are dozens of payment services available to use in all casinos, allowing everyone, no matter where the player comes from, to have the same experience as anyone else in the real money version of the game.

Become A Virtual Superhero

Not only that the slots are based on the superhero characters, but even some casinos are completely devoted to the Marvel industry, making up their own bonuses and titles players can obtain.

The main and most respected title in those casinos is the Superhero one, which is equivalent to the diamond VIP status or a classic VIP status in the regular casinos. It is awarded along with the loyalty bonus, and it shows that the player has been present and active for years.

Marvel slots online truly provide a unique gambling experience, merging world-wide known superheroes and gambling. That combination gets everyone who loves Marvel heated up whenever the good and the bad guy are fighting over the prize in the features. Sometimes the features are simply there for the players to watch and enjoy, while it gets even more interesting when they can interact with the characters, affecting the outcome of the fight.

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