The truth has been spoken

Are you ready to play a detective? Unravel the mystery and hear the truth about it in our review below.

Mystery Slots In a Nutshell

You have probably wondered what mystery slots have to show and they sure have a lot to. This is a good chance for everyone who loves solving the problems to experience the real pleasure with mystery themed slot machines. With the expansion of thriller movies the diversity among them also raised. So one can only imagine how many of them were made that are involving some of the most famous detectives such as Sherlock Holmes.

Because of the high interest of gamblers in these slots, many development companies took the interest too and are publishing them constantly. Some of the biggest hits from the mystery realm are Sherlock Mystery, Black Widow, Pink Panther, Immortal Romance and the Moonlight Mystery. Most of them have a video bonus round showing the player couple of suspects and his task is to find out who did the crime. Each correct answer is going to bring the gambler some of the highest rewards out there.

Unlike the real mystery, slot games have nothing to hide so they are available for playing via various sites online without download and registration requirement. If one likes to feel the real thrill of playing with real money, that can be done in many casinos spread all over the globe. One can play mystery slots themed games in the UK slots, positioned in Europe, and are the most beneficial ones because they have the best gambling options provided for their users. Most of the pokies are available on all kinds of platforms like desktop, mobile and tablet. So, prepare to take the risk and go into the world of solving mysteries and be flooded with the awards.

50 Shades of Mystery

As mentioned earlier, slots of this kind all have same like characteristics considering their theme and images, but each of them brings a high portion of originality and its own details. It has always been cool to step into detective’s character and solve some of the mysteries and now it can be done by playing these games. A big percentage of mystery slots online, are involving them in its imagery along with the jealous husbands and wives like in Immortal Romance.

So, the theme design is made minimal and hard to notice usually filled with the dark colors, mostly gray and black so it makes it easier for a player to focus on the spinning reels. In the background you can see all the people involved in a whole crime case, some of them solving it, and some of them committing it.

The reels are positioned in the center and are taking a bigger part of the display. The slots are made in a kind of retro style and many actually don’t possess good graphics, so they all look old-ish and remind of thriller movies made a long time ago. Nevertheless, this combination is made perfect so a player can experience the true adventure of finding the murderer. Symbols and bonus features are animated in some of them, making the gameplay more alive. No one likes to watch the movies, especially this kind without volume, and a player doesn’t have to worry about that while paying, because all the mystery slots play the music that excites the thrill of waiting to see the outcome of the situation.

Necessary Tools for Mystery Solving

The difference in a gameplay between other slots and free online mystery slots is that these require developed instinct for bad people. For example, Sherlock Mystery slot has a bonus round where the computer shows to the player couple of suspect and his mission is to get the correct answer and find the committee of the crime. If one has guessed correctly, high rewards are earned. Besides this, the basic gameplay is same as in other pokies. There are regular symbols different from each other by the looks and value. There is also a special group of tokens and their purpose is to make the game more fun to play. They are the game changers and give the gambler opportunity to win one the highest rewards involved in the game. Their effects are known to a gambling community, but for the new players, it is good to be reminded of them.

The wild card substitutes for any other regular symbol beside the scatter and bonus cards in order of achieving the winning combination. The second one is a scatter card and is also a general thing in slot games. It can land anywhere on the reels and still bring various amounts of coins depending on the game, and when the combination consist of 3 or 5 scatters, a bonus round is usually unlocked. Bonus cards are not involved in all of them, but most of them possess that feature. As for the coin value, it is optimized for everyone, so if one likes to risk more, it is available to do so with the max bet of 30 coins. The lowest amount of coins that can be placed in a bet is 0.01, and it is more for casual players with not enough experience.

What are the chances?

As for the return to player percentage, mystery themed machine slots have a solid amount of it and they are positioned highly among the machine slots. So the chances of landing something good is big and one can expect many winning combinations. This makes the game easy and fun for the players.

Long story short

Mystery themed slots are a perfect choice for everyone who loves to solve the problems and likes to step in the role of detective. It has never been easier for a gambling community to step into this world and experience the true adventure with all the characters involved in the game since one can find and play free mystery slots online without the requirements of a previous downloading and registration. So, what are you waiting for? Sit and enjoy the trip through the mystery.

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