Following the expansion of Marvel’s movies in the past decade, the online gaming industry took a chance to jump on that train! Nowadays one can come across dozens of superhero pokies.

Enter the Superhero World

Among the popular superhero slot machines, one can notice one name that is constantly repeated – Playtech. Yes, this is the developing company that stands behind top 3 superhero games in 2017, according to the experts and impressions of the gamers from all around the globe. So, the most successful slots of this type are Iron Man 3, Captain America – The First Avenger and X-Men.

On the first sight, all of these games look astonishing with top-notch graphics and killer 3d symbols, which are so realistically displayed. Their game themes are full of characters from the comics (or movie series, if you prefer them better). One can also see a bunch of items, like Captain America’s shield, Iron Man’s suit etc.

As said above and considering the release date of these slots, graphics are sophisticated and modern, all of the icons are so authentic and lifelike, which gives one a feeling like he’s standing side by side with the Avengers and the X-Men solving some dangerous mission. Intro screens are processed and displayed so realistic, almost like a movie poster one can find in major cinemas during projections!

The interface of these three phenomenal superhero slots can be described in two words – high tech! Faded background in the Captain America – The First Avenger slot, showing him on the left and his sworn enemy Red skull on the right side of the reels is such a delightful touch!

All three interfaces look very neat. The reels are placed in the center of the screen, occupying the most of it, which provides good visibility. All the control buttons and boxes with information about the amount of the bet, the worth of the prize won etc. are orderly sorted below the columns. A very nice job because even an inexperienced player can quickly find his way around the controls.

Unleash Your Power

Literally everyone can play these free online superhero pokies because, as mentioned above, controls are tidy in order for one to understand them quickly.

Iron Man 3 has several buttons:

  • “Lines” for adjusting the number of active paylines
  • “Line bet” to determine the amount of the wager per line
  • “Bet max” is a shortcut button to taking a spin with the maximal investment
  • “Auto play” triggers the same called mode
  • “Info” button opens the paytable feature, containing all the data about the game one would need to inform himself about

Captain America – The First Avenger also contains a few basic buttons: “Lines” for determining the number of active paylines per a spin, “Line bet” for adjusting the amount of the wager per line, “Bet max” for a tryout with the maximal stake, “Auto play” for those who get bored clicking the spin button, “Info”, which is essentially the paytable feature. So, given the similarities between these two pokies, considering their controls and the fact that they’ve been made by the same developing company, it’s easy to conclude that the third pokie, X-Men contains exactly the same control buttons in its gameplay, so there is no need to go over them again.

The Enemies Don’t Stand a Chance

If one feels eager enough to play these three superhero slots online, the next thing to get familiar with would be prizes those pokies carry as well as the chances of scoring those and of course the maximal payout (jackpot).

Iron Man 3 and X-men games contain 5 reels and 25 paylines. They both provide additional bonus rounds and the possibility of earning some free spins. Multipliers are also included, which enlarges ones payoff. The theoretical return to player percentages for these pokies are somewhere around 95%, which can be considered as solid.

As for the third one, Captain America – The First Avenger, it also has 5 reels, but 20 paylines. It also differs from the previous two because it doesn’t include any additional bonus rounds. Multipliers and the free spins feature are embedded. The theoretical RTP percentage is slightly lower – 94.31%.

But the common characteristic of all three games that is the most interesting and potentially useful for the players is that both of these slots have progressive jackpots! That means that the jackpot prize is getting bigger and bigger after every spin that didn’t bring one this maximal payout that can reach enormous figures!

All winnings pay from left to right, except for the scatter ones, according to the paytable. One more good thing to know, especially for comics lovers is that one can play free superhero slots in vast majority of online casinos that provides costless playing with no download or registration needed.

These pokies received a bunch of positive critics and opinions so far, even from those players who are not so much into Marvel, DC and their superhero franchises. All mentioned above, like superior 3D graphics, astonishing progressive jackpots and so many additional features and possibilities to win a prize will certainly convince one to try himself out and take a couple of spins.

Conclusion in a Nutshell

So, for all of those who are gambling lovers, whether they do it for real money or just for fun, superhero themed pokies should be one of their first choices. These slot machines are available literally to everyone in many countries around the globe, starting from the ones with the highest percentage of online bettors, like Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, US and many more.

And for the end, if one feels interested enough to play superhero slots in UK, as well as in every other country, there are countless online casinos which can provide online free playing with no need for download or registration and all of these games can be simply accessed through the internet browser. Enjoy your time playing!

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