The Junction of Television and Gaming

For every television lover out there, the developing companies have prepared a true delicacy – the free online TV themed slot machines!

Turn on the Screen

With the invention and subsequent expansion of television as an industry came the outburst of various kinds of television programs. Inevitably whether one is talking about movies, series, cartoons, reality shows or some sports and scientific broadcast, one thing is certain – the content of television itself has become increasingly richer and richer as the years went by. We can say that today television is in some way an integral part of everyday life of almost every person on the planet.

Exactly that growth of the TV industry served as an inspiration for software development companies to start releasing a high variety of pokies based on some television content. And today one can play his favorite TV themed slots online in almost every online casino there is, unrelated whether one is living in a country where gambling is popular, such as United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, or in any other country where the percentage of online players is considerably lower.

But, not all TV pokies received positive reactions and critics among the players. So, below will be described the essence of those games that have become a real hit in the online gaming world.

Background Theme and Graphics

One can come across literally a bunch of pokies related to this particular topic. Starting from those popular TV shows from the 90’s, such as Baywatch, Sopranos, Sex and the City, Friends etc. to the latest achievements in the TV industry (The Big Bang Theory, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and many more). The design and looks of those slots mainly depends on the developing company. But, if one looks all of them, he would notice that they have one thing in common: all the components of these slots are illustrated match that particular TV show which served as the afflatus for the development of the game itself.

If one takes for example the Baywatch slot, released by the famous company Playtech, the first thing that would catch one’s eye is of course a picture of the main star – Pamela Anderson in her famous red swimming suit. This token represents the wild. As well as the wild, all the other symbols are either displayed as pictures of the actors and their rescue equipment or come in a form of classic card marks, from 10 to K. Graphics are not so sophisticated, given the release date of this game. The background theme shows, as one can expect, a beach with the recognizable logo of the TV show itself.

The Sopranos slot machine, also from Playtech, doesn’t differ very much. The graphics are solid, the symbols are also shown either as pictures of the actors, or as 3D card labels. A nice touch are those objects added to the card marks in order to break the monotony, such as wine bottles, whiskey glasses, Cuban cigars etc.

On the other hand, the ones based on some recently made show, such as TV slot machine Game of Thrones, released by a well-known company, Microgaming, have top-notch 3D graphics with phenomenal background themes and icon designs. Considering this pokie particularly, one can see the original logo above the reels and the famous Iron throne in the background. Everything abounds with GoT related items. Icons are divided into higher and lower paying.

Higher paying ones are illustrated as the symbols of the houses one can come across in this TV show (the Starks, the Lanisters, the Targaryens and such). Those lower paying tokens are displayed as card marks with astonishing designed that gives one a feeling like they’re carved out of stone. There is even a Valar Morghulis coin which has the ability to double one’s win if he manages to guess whether the coin will stop flipping on heads or tails.

Interface & Controls

As the game theme depends on the developer, the controls depend on it, too. Nevertheless, all the control buttons embedded in TV slots have pretty much the same function, although they’re labeled differently.

  • For determining the amount of the bet per line, and therefore the value of the maximal wager the player can place, one can come across several buttons: “+” and “-“ button for adjusting the stake per line directly, or “Coin value” and such for setting that parameter indirectly.
  • Buttons “Max bet” and “Autoplay” (if they are present) are essentially shortcut buttons for taking a roll with the maximal wager and for triggering the autoplay option, which may come in handy when one gets tired of clicking the spin button continuously.
  • The paytable feature, in which all the rules about betting and paying are explained also comes with different labels. One can come across the following buttons: “Paytable”, “Info” or “View pays”.
  • And last, but not the least, the “Spin” button starts a new attempt to score some of the payouts these pokies carry.

The interface of all these games is very neat. The reels are centrally positioned, with all the buttons and information field placed orderly below them. That gives the player good visibility of all basic data during his time playing.

A joyful thing to know is that literally everyone can play free TV slots with no need for download or registration!

The Final Season

Some of those early mentioned games carry very large prizes one can score. For example, the Baywatch slot jackpot payout is 1000x players wager per line. On the other hand, the Game of Thrones slot doesn’t have a jackpot that large, only 60x bet per line, but it consists of an astonishing 243 active paylines, which enlarges the possibility of earning some serious payoffs! The theoretical RTP of these pokies is mostly around 95-96%, which can be considered as average.

So, if one feels interested enough to play TV slots in UK, or anywhere else on the planet, either for real money, or just for fun, there is a bunch of online casinos that provide free playing with no deposits, download and registration.

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