Wild West

Wild West slots portray the American Frontier era, where cowboys ruled the land and these games allow gamblers all around the world to fully experience that period. We can travel anywhere in the world in future and start the journey in the present, but we can never go back and see how it was before, which is the reason why these games have great value and reputation.

Even if you are not willing to play for real and gamble as low as $0.01 in one roll (which is the minimum for any slot machine), the fun version is always there to support you and provide the same experience with the exception of real money.

These are the top rated Wild West slot machines available currently:

  • The True Sheriff
  • Reel Outlaws
  • Western Belles
  • The Lovely Outlaws
  • Wild West by IGT
  • Dead Or Alive
  • Sunset Showdown

These are just a few, picked by the community in terms of the overall rating, amount of positive feedback and customer satisfaction. Make sure to check the other ones as well, as they come from the same companies. Also, take a look at the new ones from the less popular organizations.

Wild Reels

It is impossible to imagine Wild West slots online without wild icons and wild stacked reels. Not only that features and additions increase chances of winning and overall RTP, but they are also well-designed to portray the events from that period of time in the best way possible.

If firms like IGT, RTG, Playtech, NetEnt and Microgaming are working on these games, trying them out and even sticking with them for a while is a no-brainer. With thousands of employees with experience dating back to the 90’s and even before that, developing machines for the land-based casinos, there is no doubt that the quality of games they make is simply going to keep going up.

As the modern day and futuristic slots often include 3D graphics, animations and effects, very old smartphone devices without updates might face minor performance issues. That is the reason why most machines include the slider or a button which allows anyone to adjust the overall graphics quality. Turning off the 3D effects might be a good idea as well, if there is an option for that available.

Virtual Duels

Just like cowboys dueled back in the day, you might appear in the middle of the dusty street waiting for the clock to mark the noon, signaling you and your virtual opponent to pull your revolvers out and shoot. Of course, we are talking about the AI in featured in the bonus rounds.

Play free Wild West themed machines and get the chance to “duel” other players for the main Jackpot prize. You are all building the pool up by placing bets, but only one can take it all home, and with enough luck and a little bit of strategy, you can be the one.

Even though all Jackpots trigger randomly players still believe that it is very unlikely for it to award anyone soon after the previous activation. That is why integrated jackpots have an advantage over the separate ones, because no one can strategize by not participating right after it got triggered.

The pool prize will keep increasing constantly, regardless of how high or low it is at the moment. The side jackpot involves fewer players, and requires additional side-stakes. Sometimes mini-games such as bingo and keno are a part of it, just for the additional element of fun and entertainment.

Wild Promotion Offers

No matter if you play Wild West slots in the UK, USA, rest of the Europe, China, Japan, Australia or anywhere else in the world, there is a casino out there which allows you to increase the investments you make a lot.

The key is to go through the terms of service, where all information related to bonuses and promotional offers is presented. Pay special attention to sections devoted to countries eligible for bonus claims and withdrawal requirements, as missing out on those might cause serious issues in the future.

The easiest and most valuable one to claim is the no deposit bonus, which allows anyone who signs-up to gamble for real money without even investing any of their own.

The first deposit bonus is the most generous one in most casinos, followed by the second and the third one. You can often see high percentages and decent limits on these ones. If you, however want to deposit more than the limit allows, matching and high-rolling additions are the way to go, as even though the percentage is a little bit lower, the upper limits can be insanely high, awarding a lot of cash for free.

Explore, Improve, Profit

That’s exactly the pattern that most successful online slot machine players took. Free online Wild West slots are a great opportunity to follow their path, as it offers hundreds of unique games both simple and complex ones. Combined with all the bonuses and strategic investments it can result in great profits.

However, keep in mind that all games have a slight house edge, meaning that overtime machine is always cash flow positive. Luck plays a great role in the gambling process and if you have at least small amounts, being in the 95% to 99% RTP range, without losing feels incredibly satisfying. On the other hand, those machines are created for pure entertainment and you should never gamble more than you are ready to lose.

Until time travel machines appear, these slots will be the best way of going back into the history, getting familiar with people’s lifestyle and having tons of fun and possibly earning money while doing so!

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