Progressive Jackpot

Beginners in the sphere of online gambling often encounter specific terms, the meaning of which is not completely clear to them. One of shticks of advanced online casinos is a so-called progressive jackpot. Many gamblers have heard or read about it, but not all of them really know what it is. But actually, there is nothing too complicated about it. A progressive jackpot is a smart modern feature of any free or real-money online slot that lets you multiply your gambling gain.

General Description of a Progressive Jackpot

Every time you make the max bet, a small fraction of this sum is transferred to a special fund, where it is stored until the time comes. The total sum increases with each game of every player. A progressive jackpot is commonly formed from the banks of several games united into a single chain. In practice, it means that the more gamblers make bets in all these slot games, the bigger the total jackpot is. It literally grows with every new bet. Though the amount of every separate contribution is very small, when they are put together, a very impressive sum is formed. Progressive jackpots that are formed by slots belonging to major companies are measured by thousands and even millions of dollars!

Features of Slot Machines with Progressive Jackpots

There are a lot of different slot machines with the progressive jackpot feature. Their functionality, of course, also differs. A distinctive feature of such slots is a lesser in terms of bet sizes. Games with an unchanged (fixed) jackpot are more diverse in this respect. Such games, also known to casino visitors as flat-top slots, usually offer a range of options. For example, you can make different bets for different pay lines, choose the minimal (penny) bet per line and so on. As for slots with a progressive jackpot, you’ll need to make a standard (usually maximum) bet every time, but the chance of becoming a millionaire is worth it, isn’t it?

How does It All Work in Practice?

The idea of a progressive jackpot was derived from conventional brick-and-mortar slots installed in casinos. In the era of on-land gambling machines, some of them were equipped with such a feature. It looked like this: all the gamers threw coins inside a machine in order to spin the reel. The coins were collected in a special box, and when their weight exceeded the preset value, the box opened, and all the coins fell down to the lucky casino visitor. Nobody knew when the box would open, so it was just a matter of luck.

As soon as the gambling business was transferred to the Internet, developers of virtual slot machines optimized all existing features for online slots. The idea of progressive jackpots was modernized, and the feature was applied by many developers. To get this enormous sum of money, a gambler must get a special rare combination of symbols. Today, theoretically, every gamer has a chance of hitting this mega jackpot and become a millionaire overnight. However, in practice, the chances for it are respectively low. For example, if we take some of industry’s leaders, such as Microgaming, the chance of hitting a progressive jackpot is approximately 1 to 50 thousand. But the thought of such an opportunity is so thrilling that more and more people try their luck over and over, making the jackpot grow further.

If you want to see how it works with your own eyes, choose any slot that offers free slots with the feature of progressive jackpot. After playing a free demo-version for a while, you may want to procede to a real-cash option and try your luck for yourself.

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